So I have one little suggestion to end the misogyny, sexual abuse, harassment, and predation that plagues humanity. STOP CALLING God “HE” and “HIM” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary Daly, feminist theologian at Boston College, once quipped, “If God is male, then the male is God.” Beyond God the Father (Beacon, 1973) Every time we give gender attribution to […]

Source: It is all about Forgiveness: Homily 24th Sunday A

Patriarchy: Patristic Paternalistic Patronizing Petrine Petrified Prurient Putrid Pus! Patriarchy, not nature, makes women unequal  

Who said this or close to it? “When women have the opportunity to fully share their gifts with the whole community, the community ends up “transformed” in a positive way.” “Therefore, it is a beneficial process — that of having the growing presence of women in social, economic and political life on the local, national […]

I wrote this piece on a Good Friday over 25 years ago. Tragically I have had to add to it ever since. In the aftermath of the “mother of all bombs,” it seems appropriate to post it on this Good Friday. A young, hopeful ‘would-be’ thought she could jump-start her career with a stint in […]

Facebook video I often cringe when I hear the words: “God be with us.” To me, “with” implies that God is a divine being separate from us, outside of us, called to be next to us and “on our side” rather than someone else’s. Jesus’ disciples were terrified when he was crucified. They thought he […]

In honor of Women’s History Month and pertinent to the political climate in which we now find ourselves, I recommend a fine article in USC’s Religion Dispatches: WHAT A FORGOTTEN 19TH CENTURY SUFFRAGIST CAN TEACH US ABOUT WOMEN’S RIGHTS VS. THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT The following caught my attention …[Matilda Joslyn Gage] would publish the heavily researched, carefully […]