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Facebook video I often cringe when I hear the words: “God be with us.” To me, “with” implies that God is a divine being separate from us, outside of us, called to be next to us and “on our side” rather than someone else’s. Jesus’ disciples were terrified when he was crucified. They thought he […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The inevitable question for women: To stay or go? Heidi Schlumpf  |  Dec. 3, 2015 The question inevitably comes up at any gathering about women and the church: To stay or go? The theme at a recent two-day conference at Loyola University Chicago on women and the church since Vatican II put the question front […]

Prophetic Disobedience

Ordain Women or Stop Baptising them!

Action alert! Until Jan. 4 the Vatican is crowd-sourcing one minute videos & photos from ‪#‎Catholic‬ women. Please help us flood social media with your messages. Learn more: ‪#‎LifeofWomen‬ ‪#‎ordainwomen‬

God’s Daughters

Champions of the World!

I think we need to make a video like this about all little girls’ aspirations, including the ones who are called to be priests. Look Out Vatican: Here they come!

A Valentine for the World

Joan Chittister is inviting us to dance! “It is time for those who really believe in the full humanity of their daughters and in the moral integrity of their sons to tell the world they will no longer tolerate violence against women…” “Actually, whether you know it or not, your entire life, if you are […]