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In God’s Name . . . a reflection on Good Friday

I wrote this piece on a Good Friday over 25 years ago. Tragically I have had to add to it ever since. In the aftermath of the “mother of all bombs,” it seems appropriate to post it on this Good Friday. A young, hopeful ‘would-be’ thought she could jump-start her career with a stint in […]


Facebook video I often cringe when I hear the words: “God be with us.” To me, “with” implies that God is a divine being separate from us, outside of us, called to be next to us and “on our side” rather than someone else’s. Jesus’ disciples were terrified when he was crucified. They thought he […]

Table The“a”logy

The Season of Giving “Thanks” is giving way to the Season of Giving Gifts. I wrote this reflection during this time last year upon the realization of the “gift” we all have been given. A Reflection of Gratitude and Inclusion The alternative interpretation, of Eucharist as a Sacred Meal, takes all the meals which Jesus shared with […]

Look in the Mirror!

(Haven’t posted for awhile. Trying to juggle grandparenting, work, pursuing a Masters in Theology and help a friend get a book published. In my feminist theology course I was asked to develop my personal theology. Well here it is…) A Theology of Reflection The most profound theological insight I have ever been received was from […]

Holy Thursday Reverie

Carrie Fernandez’s blog, WOMEN ENTER BOLDLY: THE TORN VEIL & DIRECT ACCESS TO GOD,  in the Junia Project, got me to thinking about something that happened to me back in the 80’s that literally changed my life and perspective on things.  My daughters were very young and we were attending our parish’s Holy Thursday Liturgy as […]

The Breath of Jesus

The following is a reflection I gave this past Sunday at an beautiful service that was created by celebrant Maryann Crilly. It should be noted that the Gospel for the Orthodox Easter afternoon liturgy is the same as the one proclaimed in the Western Church for the Second Sunday of Easter or Divine Mercy Sunday. […]