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What’s in a Pronoun?

So I have one little suggestion to end the misogyny, sexual abuse, harassment, and predation that plagues humanity. STOP CALLING God “HE” and “HIM” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary Daly, feminist theologian at Boston College, once quipped, “If God is male, then the male is God.” Beyond God the Father (Beacon, 1973) Every time we give gender attribution to […]

Quick Question?

Who said this or close to it? “When women have the opportunity to fully share their gifts with the whole community, the community ends up “transformed” in a positive way.” “Therefore, it is a beneficial process — that of having the growing presence of women in social, economic and political life on the local, national […]

On Papal Shoes Dropping and Papal Language Flopping

Whether it’s red or not, the other papal shoe has dropped. With all the hoopla over Francis’s visit to the US and his calls for economic and environmental justice he still promulgates and perpetuates the supreme injustice of sexism and inequality for women. (He might just want to think about how the latter is in […]


func·tion·al·ism ˈfəNG(k)SH(ə)nlˌizəm/ noun 1. belief in or stress on the practical application of a thing, in particular. (in the arts) the doctrine that the design of an object should be determined solely by its function, rather than by aesthetic considerations, and that anything practically designed will be inherently beautiful. noun: functionalism (in the social sciences) […]

For Mothers and Others….

Before Jesus Was His Mother By: Alla Renée Bozarth From Education for Justice Before Jesus was his mother. Before supper in the upper room, breakfast in the barn. Before the Passover Feast, a feeding trough. And here, the altar of Earth, fair linens of hay and seed. Before his cry, her cry. Before his sweat […]


Just read David Gibson’s, “Let a female speculate”: Full text of Sister Elizabeth Johnson’s LCWR talk   and Heidi Hall’s Sister Elizabeth Johnson: ‘The waste of time on this investigation is unconscionable’   Inspired me to pen this: Men in red velvet who “pretend” to be celibate defend hearts and minds which are small. They […]

“Mansplaining”: Vatican Style

Have you heard about Mansplaining? Well the Vatican certainly has its own spin on it. Not only do they explain everything to us, in their own terms and only in their own terms, they won’t even listen to us as Patricia Miller ‘explains’ in Why Can’t the Vatican Hear Women? Moreover they won’t even let us get […]