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The Image of Christ

I haven’t posted for awhile. Duh–Obviously! It’s because I’ve been grieving the loss of a very close friend. Mary Ann Schoettly RCWP (Roman Catholic Womanpriest) entered into eternal life this past summer from a sudden devastating illness.  Recently Mike Corso, her co-pastor of SOPHIA, the Inclusive Catholic Community she started, asked us to write letters of remembrance […]

The Patriarchy Marches Maddeningly On

I’ve been away for awhile but the world keeps turning except maybe for the patriarchy, that remains solid as a “ROCK”! (I really wonder if Jesus didn’t have a wicked sense of humor and was in fact calling Peter a block head?) Here are some of the things I’ve found interesting. Perhaps you will too. Is […]

An Open Letter to Pope Francis

From Voice of the Faithful NJ We write this with the utmost respect and reverence for you and your office as head of the Roman Catholic Church. To be sure your candid remarks during your impromptu interview on the plane coming back from World Youth Day, concerning the respect for and non-judgment of gay priests […]