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It is all about Forgiveness: Homily 24th Sunday A

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Patriarchy: Patristic Paternalistic Patronizing Petrine Petrified Prurient Putrid Pus! Patriarchy, not nature, makes women unequal  

You Gotta Read this!

Not from me.  It’s from the USC Annenberg Religion Dispatches: THE SURPRISING ORIGINS OF (AND PROBLEM WITH) THE VATICAN’S VIEW OF SEX AND GENDER And it’s the most comprehensive explanation of the problem I have ever seen. Sister Barbara Fiand explained the unjust notion and social and theological implications of  males as “begotten” and females as “misbegotten” […]

On Evangelii Gaudium, Exegesis and Exclusion

 Evangelii Gaudium (the Joy of the Gospel) is Pope Francis’ first apostolic exhortation. It is less authoritative than an encyclical but still an important pronouncement. It boggles my mind how the pope can call for inclusion in every aspect of the Church and totally exclude even the thought of women priests. Again echoing his predecessors, […]

Pope Francis and His Patriarchal Views on Women

Leave it to Jamie Manson of NCR to call out His “Holiness” on his antiquated and inaccurate thoughts about women and their roles in the Catholic Church. “Women can’t be priests, Francis argues, because their anatomies do not match that of Jesus. In this quote and throughout his comments on women, Francis echoes an ancient idea […]