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What did she say?

From  Call To Action What better way to honor the feast of the Immaculate Conception than to celebrate how other courageous women are living out their baptismal call.Did The Woman Say by Frances Croake FrankDid the woman say When she held him for the first time in the dark dank of a stable, After the […]

What Is Missing From Pope Francis’ New Long “Letter” ?

What Is Missing From Pope Francis’ New Long “Letter” ?.

On Evangelii Gaudium, Exegesis and Exclusion

 Evangelii Gaudium (the Joy of the Gospel) is Pope Francis’ first apostolic exhortation. It is less authoritative than an encyclical but still an important pronouncement. It boggles my mind how the pope can call for inclusion in every aspect of the Church and totally exclude even the thought of women priests. Again echoing his predecessors, […]