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A Revived Sense of the Sacred.

In honor of Women’s History Month and pertinent to the political climate in which we now find ourselves, I recommend a fine article in USC’s Religion Dispatches: WHAT A FORGOTTEN 19TH CENTURY SUFFRAGIST CAN TEACH US ABOUT WOMEN’S RIGHTS VS. THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT The following caught my attention …[Matilda Joslyn Gage] would publish the heavily researched, carefully […]

Holy Thursday Reverie

Carrie Fernandez’s blog, WOMEN ENTER BOLDLY: THE TORN VEIL & DIRECT ACCESS TO GOD,  in the Junia Project, got me to thinking about something that happened to me back in the 80’s that literally changed my life and perspective on things.  My daughters were very young and we were attending our parish’s Holy Thursday Liturgy as […]

“Linking” the Dots…

Here’s some wondrous musings for the new year… But will they make a lasting difference? Only time will tell. After all:  Wise women were ALWAYS there! Throughout the Christmas season, friends occasionally send me cards, cups and other assorted tchotchkes praising the “three Wise Women.” You have probably seen them: “Three Wise Women would have […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The inevitable question for women: To stay or go? Heidi Schlumpf  |  Dec. 3, 2015 The question inevitably comes up at any gathering about women and the church: To stay or go? The theme at a recent two-day conference at Loyola University Chicago on women and the church since Vatican II put the question front […]

On Papal Shoes Dropping and Papal Language Flopping

Whether it’s red or not, the other papal shoe has dropped. With all the hoopla over Francis’s visit to the US and his calls for economic and environmental justice he still promulgates and perpetuates the supreme injustice of sexism and inequality for women. (He might just want to think about how the latter is in […]


func·tion·al·ism ˈfəNG(k)SH(ə)nlˌizəm/ noun 1. belief in or stress on the practical application of a thing, in particular. (in the arts) the doctrine that the design of an object should be determined solely by its function, rather than by aesthetic considerations, and that anything practically designed will be inherently beautiful. noun: functionalism (in the social sciences) […]

For Mothers and Others….

Before Jesus Was His Mother By: Alla Renée Bozarth From Education for Justice Before Jesus was his mother. Before supper in the upper room, breakfast in the barn. Before the Passover Feast, a feeding trough. And here, the altar of Earth, fair linens of hay and seed. Before his cry, her cry. Before his sweat […]