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“Mansplaining”: Vatican Style

Have you heard about Mansplaining? Well the Vatican certainly has its own spin on it. Not only do they explain everything to us, in their own terms and only in their own terms, they won’t even listen to us as Patricia Miller ‘explains’ in Why Can’t the Vatican Hear Women? Moreover they won’t even let us get […]

God’s Daughters

The more things remain the more they remain the same…

Excerpted from: Christianity took shape in the culture of the Roman Empire where elite men held power over lesser men, women, children and slaves. This social structure, called patriarchy (rule of the father), is a pyramid-shaped arrangement where power is always in the hands of a dominant man or group of men. As the church […]

Image-in that!

Who do you think you are? To tell me what to do? Or who I am, or who I can be? Do you really think I was made from your side? To be below you and subject to you? And only a mere extension of you? Rather than the image and likeness of God, myself […]

The Hierarchy Makes the Church Look Stupid…

“I object to the hierarchy making the church look stupid” — 30 years after Sexism and God-Talk, Rosemary Radford Ruether shows no sign of mellowing I join Rosemary and Reasonably Catholic in this critique!