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Patriarchy: Patristic Paternalistic Patronizing Petrine Petrified Prurient Putrid Pus! Patriarchy, not nature, makes women unequal   Advertisements

For Mothers and Others….

Before Jesus Was His Mother By: Alla Renée Bozarth From Education for Justice Before Jesus was his mother. Before supper in the upper room, breakfast in the barn. Before the Passover Feast, a feeding trough. And here, the altar of Earth, fair linens of hay and seed. Before his cry, her cry. Before his sweat […]


Just read David Gibson’s, “Let a female speculate”: Full text of Sister Elizabeth Johnson’s LCWR talk   and Heidi Hall’s Sister Elizabeth Johnson: ‘The waste of time on this investigation is unconscionable’   Inspired me to pen this: Men in red velvet who “pretend” to be celibate defend hearts and minds which are small. They […]

Image-in that!

Who do you think you are? To tell me what to do? Or who I am, or who I can be? Do you really think I was made from your side? To be below you and subject to you? And only a mere extension of you? Rather than the image and likeness of God, myself […]

The Patriarchy Marches Maddeningly On

I’ve been away for awhile but the world keeps turning except maybe for the patriarchy, that remains solid as a “ROCK”! (I really wonder if Jesus didn’t have a wicked sense of humor and was in fact calling Peter a block head?) Here are some of the things I’ve found interesting. Perhaps you will too. Is […]

Healing Love

Woman wrapped in silence resting in the cold night waiting for the sun to rise and a new day to bring new life. Woman unknown, under stars light years away__ under the star destined to shine over all the ages. Waiting woman wrapped in mystery carrying within her womb the child God, child unwanted__ by […]

What did she say?

From  Call To Action What better way to honor the feast of the Immaculate Conception than to celebrate how other courageous women are living out their baptismal call.Did The Woman Say by Frances Croake FrankDid the woman say When she held him for the first time in the dark dank of a stable, After the […]