On Papal Shoes Dropping and Papal Language Flopping

Whether it’s red or not, the other papal shoe has dropped. With all the hoopla over Francis’s visit to the US and his calls for economic and environmental justice he still promulgates and perpetuates the supreme injustice of sexism and inequality for women. (He might just want to think about how the latter is in many cases the root cause of the former.)

In Francis again rejects women priests without specific reasoning, Joshua McElwee’s blog, the language Francis uses is deny women their God given rights is at once mollifying to the point of obscurity and obfuscation.

“But, look, in the church, women are more important than men because the church is woman; it is ‘la’ church, not ‘il’ church,” he said, speaking in Italian and referring to the gendered article used before the Italian word for church. “The Church is the bride of Jesus Christ,” said the pope. “And the Madonna is more important than popes and bishops and priests.”

WTF(rancis)!!!! Women do not seek to be more important than men. Women seek equality with men. And the fall back on the biblical and theo speak metaphor of “Bride of Christ” : Does Francis not understand that if male priests are part of this “Bride” then female priests would be even more applicable? It all boils down to dominance vs submission. Males are dominant and females must be submissive to them (see all the stuff on “submissive brides” on the internet if you feel the need to purge sometime) Woman mave have “the capacity” to be equal in the words of Francis, but the doors are closed to priesthood.

So…open them, or admit that there is an injustice here.

McElwee writes: “In making the argument against women in Vatican roles during a trip to Turin, Italy in June, the pontiff also indicated an equality in ministry between men and women in the church, saying that all women have the “same work” the Virgin Mary had in receiving the Holy Spirit along with the twelve apostles at Pentecost.”

Oh really? “Equality in ministry” when women can’t be priests? The “same work as Mary?”  I got news for you Holy Father, Mary IS the first woman priest and the first priest after her son! It was she who first offered His broken body and the blood.

McElwee goes on: “The pope’s mixture of apparently wanting to promote women’s voices and roles while not giving women opportunity to take part in the church’s governance structures strikes many as hard to understand.”

Ya think?!!  Shell games come to mind.

So let me get this straight: It is simple logic.

Jesus was a male. Males have penises, therefore males can be priests.

Women do not have penises, therefore women cannot be priests.

Jesus and women are so much more than body parts.

“So Godde created human beings in Godde’s own image. In the image of Godde they were created; male and female Godde created them.” Genesis 1:27

We are all created in the image of Godde regardless of our body parts. Therefore we are all equal in the sight of Godde, if not the sight of Francis.


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