“Mansplaining”: Vatican Style

Have you heard about Mansplaining? Well the Vatican certainly has its own spin on it. Not only do they explain everything to us, in their own terms and only in their own terms, they won’t even listen to us as Patricia Miller ‘explains’ in Why Can’t the Vatican Hear Women? Moreover they won’t even let us get a word in edgewise. In the story on Cardinal seeks a truce in fight between U.S. nuns and Vatican’s doctrinal office, we learn that Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz, who heads the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life that oversees men’s and women’s religious orders, silences sisters in his own right.

A question about the thorny relationship between the Holy See and the American sisters was put to Sister Carmen Sammut, head of the International Union of Superior Generals, but the cardinal jumped in before she could respond….

Speaking of silencing women: Am I the only one who sees a link between the kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria by Islamist extremists and the attack of Cardinal Gerhard Müller of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith against the LCWR for thinking for themselves (as opposed to prostrating themselves in servitude) and in choosing who can address their meetings? Is not the good (pun intended) cardinal attempting to ‘kidnap’ their minds? Both heinous actions (to be sure, the former is more brutal, but the latter is psychologically if not physically abusive) are about domination and control. Something the latest trend on Twitter is challenging: #YesAllWomen  

Jamie Manson ‘explains’ why women’s ordination is so important in the struggle for equality:

Many will continue to characterize the question of women’s ordination as little more than another culture war issue. But the truth is that this struggle runs much deeper than a battle between traditional and progressive values. Women’s ordination is about so much more than simply making women Catholic priests. At its heart, it is a movement to convince one of the largest and most influential religious organizations in the world to lift up women globally as truly equal to men.

Women are raped, denigrated, oppressed, abused, demeaned and silenced all the while men are “explaining” to us that it’s our fault… our fault for being….women!


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