The Patriarchy Marches Maddeningly On

I’ve been away for awhile but the world keeps turning except maybe for the patriarchy, that remains solid as a “ROCK”! (I really wonder if Jesus didn’t have a wicked sense of humor and was in fact calling Peter a block head?) Here are some of the things I’ve found interesting. Perhaps you will too.

Is religion the biggest problem facing feminism today?

Yup. I would say so! But you might want to read the article (and its links) and make up your own mind.

As a female, I am frustrated by the lack of democracy within the Catholic Church

Yeah. Me too! Which is a great segue to …

Jimmy Carter says Pope Francis promised ‘women should have a greater role’


But still can’t be priests because well er… you know…the door is closed…and I might add, dead-bolted.

Except! …for those brave women who (to quote Gandhi) become the change they wish to see in the world:

Women Priest Led Good Shepherd Church Prepares for Confirmation

Pastor Judy Lee of the Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Church embodies this prayer and indeed “renews the face of the earth”:

“Come,Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful,

and kindle in us the fire of Your Love.

Send forth Your Spirit and we shall be created,

and You shall renew the face of the earth!”


which just might lead to this…

Our Letter to Pope Francis!+&utm_campaign=survey+on+the+family+report&utm_medium=email

In the largest collaboration yet, 53 organizational signers from around the world are requesting a meeting with Pope Francis to discuss women’s leadership in the Church and the urgency of creating a more welcoming Eucharistic community.

So there is hope, especially when you read this:

Augustinian priest: Teaching that women are not like Jesus is ‘heretical’

The explanation for a male-only priesthood that views women as not fully in Jesus’ likeness is a heretical teaching that implies women are not fully redeemed, said Augustinian Fr. John Shea in his second such letter since 2012 to U.S. bishops on the issue of women’s ordination.

“This teaching that ‘women are not fully in the likeness of Jesus’ — qualifying, as it does, as a theological explanation — is utterly and demonstrably heretical.

“This teaching says that women are not fully redeemed by Jesus. This teaching says that women are not made whole by the saving favor of our God. This teaching says that the ‘catholic’ church is only truly ‘catholic’ for males,” Shea wrote.

You can read the entire letter here.

But then again the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith proves it is once again both a rock and a hard place.

Longtime peace activist removed from ministry after concelebrating Mass with woman priest

To which I have to add my two cents in verse to the…

Men in High Places

Men in high places

With angry red faces

Have made all their cases

Against women’s rights.


With arguments fallacious

And doctrine quite specious

They sputter loquacious

With all of their might.


Do they think we don’t know?

And suppose we don’t care?

That in what they bestow

There is nothing that’s there.


So all their high places and all their red faces,

and all of their doctrine and all of their might

just prove once again (Can we get an Amen!?)

that wrong is still wrong and right is still right!




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