Pope Francis and His Patriarchal Views on Women

Leave it to Jamie Manson of NCR to call out His “Holiness” on his antiquated and inaccurate thoughts about women and their roles in the Catholic Church. http://ncronline.org/blogs/grace-margins/pope-francis-women-and-chauvinism-skirts

“Women can’t be priests, Francis argues, because their anatomies do not match that of Jesus. In this quote and throughout his comments on women, Francis echoes an ancient idea that was thoroughly developed and articulated by Pope John Paul II in his 1988 apostolic letter* “On the Dignity and Vocation of Women” (Mulieris Dignitatem).John Paul II believed that while women were of equal worth and dignity to men, the differences in the physical makeup of male and female bodies were reflections of the different roles, purposes, strengths and weaknesses God intended for us. Men and women were designed to complement each other, which is why their genders must dictate their distinct roles in both church and society. Ultimately, to paraphrase Sigmund Freud, John Paul II believed anatomy is destiny. And Francis seems to agree.”

My comments:

So basically women can’t be priests because we don’t have penises. To paraphrase Sigmund Freud: These are some sick dudes. To paraphrase MLK: The penis class refuses to give up its privileges.

I refer to my poem, “With All Due Respect.” https://justicewomen.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/with-all-due-respect/
And as for his theology:  Francis indeed does have cahoonas! The papacy thus proclaims the masculinity of Jesus takes precedence over his divinity. Gives a whole new meaning to male domination…and hubris!

Be sure to read the Comment Section as well. Spot on:  If Mary was a virgin, where did Jesus get his male chromosome from?

sylvesterpatsteffen • a day ago

“Women can’t be priests, Francis argues, because their anatomies do not match that of Jesus.”
But is that biologically true? Maleness evolved “parasitically” from the female. God and Mary (without male genetic contribution) produced Jesus, as our faith attests. (Where does Jesus get his male chromosome?) Biologically, what is characteristically “male” is a small modification of the female. In His Divine/human Person, Jesus, like all males, derives ontologically from female.

Brilliant sylvesterpatsteffen! : All humans start out as female in the womb. http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=10028&page=45  Sex characteristics are determined in the 6-7 week. So what does biology tell us about the nature of God “the Father”? I think not!

One comment

  1. Is this 2013 or 1013?
    Also, based on his logic, no one can be a priest unless they are born of a virgin. Actually, that might not be a bad idea…

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